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                                                                         Whom We Serve


We value every relationship with the students, therapists, psychologists, schools, and families that we have the pleasure of helping. Regardless of geographical location, native language or culture, or scholastic level and ability, Support Brands has the ability and the duty to assist in any way possible.




The student population we serve is truly diverse and includes :


.  Young adults and children who display learning or behavioral issues and those which may affect education-to-work transition.

.  Individuals who experience conditions of childhood and/or adolescence that influence learning and mental health.

.  Individuals with mental or learning disorders diagnosed in infancy, childhood or adolescence.

.  Any family who express a desire for an evaluation of learning disabilities, social problems and/or behavioral problems.

.  Students with special needs or psychological issues that require early intervention.





We provide therapists, psychologists, and all associated services from standard evaluations to customized intervention to schools all over the country. Our team takes care of all procedural tasks associated with locating and matching the therapist to the school and student, as well as handling all tax and clerical tasks. We make life easy for school administrators because we:


.  Assume responsibility for all billing and invoices associated with therapy services.

.  Verify the professional credentials of all therapists.

.  Carry all required professional and liability insurances and verify the same for our therapists.

.  Ensure that all required paperwork, such as evaluations, monthly notes, and progress reports are sent to the school in a timely       manner and according to standard.

.  Maintain a state-of-the-art database so that professionals can easily be located, contacted, and assigned to schools and                 students in a "just in time" fashion.


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