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             Relationships and Onboarding


Support Brands is fully committed to making life easier for therapists, psychologists, and schools, and we are continually striving to standardize both the process and paperwork for all.  We have made available an assortment of billing and evaluation templates, onboarding packets, and other documentation on a protected area of our website. (Please inquire for specific details or requests)



                                                   Why Work With Support Brands?


                                                           Therapists and Psychologists


We are able to provide the nation's best school therapists and psychologists by offering them the most comprehensive support and communication programs available. Our account directors are available 24/7 to help our therapists, psychologists, and schools field any questions or concerns regarding a student, parent, or referral. Support Brands uses redundancy in account services so there is always an account director available with knowledge regarding each assignment. Simply put Support Brands understands the needs of both our schools, therapists, and psychologists but, most importantly, the students we are asked to aid.




We have one goal: To work together with our schools, therapists, and psychologists to provide each individual student with the best possible care.


                                                             Getting on Board




Once we have contracted with an educational institution to help provide for school therapy and psychology professionals, we will ensure that all documentation and processes conform to expectations and standards.  We ensure that the onboarding process is as quick and easy as possible for everyone.  In addition, we help schools stay compliant with Federal and State mandates which have relevance to our services. We become true partners with each school, and our friendly personnel ensure that the billing process is smooth and efficient. 


                                                                          Therapists and Psychologists


The therapists and psychologists who represent Support Brands are the best in the business, so we do our best to keep them happy and productive by [1] Matching their core expertise and skills with the appropriate school requirements and student population, [2] Supporting them in their professional development, and [3] Ensuring that our payments are on time and hassle free.





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