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We work diligently each day to ensure a 100% success rate and full satisfaction for every student, school, family, and therapist. Our organization and its services are highly effective, first and foremost, because we care. Every child matters.






          Psychologists Experiences

I have had the opportunity to complete psychoeducational evaluations and reevaluations for Support Brands as an independent contactor. Support Brands has allowed me to work in addition to my full-time job and has offered me flexibility in working during times that are convenient for my schedule and the schedule of the referred student's family.  I have found Support Brands staff to be very prompt and efficient in fielding and assigning referrals and also support the contractor by gathering the necessary information needed to thoroughly assess a child.  The staff consistently presents with a very pleasant and positive approach and are there to assist their contractors when needed.  They also communicate frequently with the student's school in order to ensure that a thorough evaluation is completed and all recommendations are communicated to all parties involved.  Working with Support Brands has been nothing but a positive experience.

Dr. Kirsten L. Stiffler, Certified School Psychologist


In my experience, students are best served when educational professionals and families share a common interest: providing students with the best education and services.  In the time I have worked with Support Brands, I feel that this interest has been fostered.  The families I have met and the students I have been fortunate enough to work with appear to be more than satisfied with the services that they have received through Support Brands. In addition, the schools which have contracted for our services have been pleased with the evaluation reports and any feedback that has been requested upon conclusion of the psychoeducational evaluation. I believe strongly that Support Brands offers a quality service to students, their schools, and families. Their staff is supportive, responsive, and accommodating. I look forward to continuing my association with the company and to the students and local education agencies who utilize these psychoeducational services.

Dr. Carrie R. Jackson, Certified School Psychologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)








                                                                                                             Case Studies


                                                                       Case Study: Customized Cognitive Testing


A well known East Coast cyber school was in urgent need of cognitive assessments for several of their new and returning students. With the school year fast approaching, it was imperative that the teachers were able to understand and accommodate the special needs of these students in a matter of days. Understanding the urgency and importance of the schools requirement, Support Brands was able to personally recommend the most capable school psychologist, with the psychologist's credentials and clearances delivered to the cyber school within 24 hours of the school's initial call for help.


Support Brands school psychologist took into account the past progress of each student and the results of their last cognitive assessment in order to devise the most optimal evaluation/testing approach. Weighing each student's case individually, the psychologist was able to determine if a full battery (KBIT, SB5 Scales, and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales) or abbreviated battery would be the most appropriate way to measure the adaptive skills of the students, as well as the functional academic skill development and any behaviors associated with Autism or Asperger's Syndrome.


In many of the cases, an abbreviated cognitive assessment was deemed to be sufficient, saving the school time and money and allowing many of the students to participate in a battery that was not overly taxing.  As always, we delivered the most personalized solution in the shortest amount of time.



                                                                                                        Case Study: Rural Constraints Overcome


Because of an unexpected but temporary disability, an elementary school student in a rural area of the Northeast would not be able to attend their classes (in-person) for the rest of the school year. Because the child would be participating in virtual schooling for the next few semesters, it was determined that a Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) would be required in order to ensure that they would be exposed to the most relevant curriculum and lesson plans. However, because the child's family resided in a rural location, finding a qualified, certified, and verified psychologist to serve the family was not an easy matter. 


Drawing from its geographically comprehensive database and deep personal relationships with school psychologists nationally, Support Brands was able to service the child and her family with a certified and background-checked school psychologist who could travel to the student's home and perform the required psychological and cognitive testing. In addition, Support Brands worked with the family and school to locate a physical therapist who could travel to this rural area regularly and help the child work through their physical impairments.






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