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                                                     Every Child Matters





                                                          OUR VISION    


Every child matters to Support Brands. It is on this principle that we were founded. And it is on this principle that we operate every day. We are an organization composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds and professional careers. However, we all share the same common vision: To improve the lives of children.


                                                       Our Client Service Pledge


In keeping with our motto "Every Child Matters", we value every therapist and psychologist with whom we work and every school to which we provide service. We hold important everybody's opinions and concerns, and we vow to both listen carefully to and be sensitive to the needs of our clients. Support Brands pledges to be accountable and operate with integrity in all of our relationships.



We solve complex business and staffing problems by bringing together the top professionals in the fields of education, psychology, therapy, healthcare, and technology. We service our clients in the most effective, and ethical manner possible. 

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